White Poppy Seeds


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The opium poppy is the very same poppy that gives us the delicious white poppy seeds we use in muffins and vinaigrettes. Its scientific name, Papafer somniferum, means “sleep-inducing poppy,” which comes from the poppy seed pod’s latex that is around 12% morphine. (If you’ve never put it together before, this is why it’s a field of poppies that put poor Dorothy Gale and her companions to sleep.)

While the opium-rich latex within the poppy possesses high levels of narcotics, the actual seeds dont. The seeds have a long rich history and were never harvested for themselves, but as a byproduct of opium production.

The flavor is somewhat nutty and even a bit citric, and their pinprick crunch is highly valued in baked goods. Blue poppy seeds are sourced produced throughout Europe and possess a distinct almond flavor as opposed to the mellower taste of white and brown poppy seeds. white poppy seeds for sale

Poppy seeds must be toasted or baked before their flavor to be at their peak. Due to their high oil and protein content poppy seeds tend to go rancid quickly so Store them in an airtight container in a dark and dry place, but toss after six months.


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