Who we are

We are a certified Organic Farm that offers Dried Poppy Pods grown with practices that support biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and protect clean air and water. The health of our clients, community and our planet are critical to all of the choices that we make. ​

We are an Certified Organic farm located in Calverton Long Island. We are an organic Poppy Pods produce farm dedicated to producing the highest quality product for our customers. Following strict organic growing methods we have been producing Poppy Pods for a wide variety of use both in consumer and arts craft. We offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), as well as some wholesale and retail through our online market and farmers markets located in Long Island, New York.


An organic farm certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY (NOFA-NY) that is accredited by the USDA.

Ever since We started, it has been following the same guidelines as NOFA-NY. As a start, we sought out a Certified Naturally Grown Poppy Pods label from an organization that follows the organic guidelines outlined by NOFA. In 2013, we applied to be USDA Certified Organic through NOFA-NY and was approved without any obstacles.

Our Certified Organic Poppy Pods does not contain any genetically modified organism. It is Non-GMO. We take care of the soil where our produce will grow. Our Produce is grown without using harmful chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. So you know you are consumming real Poppy Pods that was sowed, planted, grown, and harvested naturally.


We are your farmer!
We are hands-on growing each and every crop from our farm. Our passion is growing Poppy Pods that you will put on the table for you to enjoy. We love growing organic because we ourselves consumes organic. We will not farm any other way.

We are also the person who will pick up your call or answer your emails because we love the direct communication all our cliens.

dried poppy heads